Strokes Gained Putting by grass

Strokes Gained Putting by grass

The two dominant strains of grass for putting surfaces on the PGA Tour -- and in golf -- are Bentgrass and Bermudagrass.

They're very different. Most Tour players live in a part of the United States where they practice on Bermudagrass, but some are in Bentgrass territory. This means some players putt significantly better on one grass type or the other (Paspalum is a lot like Bermudagrass, but Poa annua is its own animal altogether).

This chart shows how PGA Tour players compare in terms of Strokes Gained Putting based on the green type. We compare their Strokes Gained Putting on all green, Bentgrass greens and Bermudagrass greens. In the comparison columns, the bigger the negative number, the worse a player is on those particular strains. The bigger the positive number, the more likely a player is a specialist on that particular strain.

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