How often should a golfer get a new golf glove? Here's when to replace that glove

How often should a golfer get a new golf glove? Here’s when to replace that glove


If you look in a golfer's bag, there's a good chance you'll find a really old golf glove in there. Golfers are kind of packrats, and they tend to not throw away golf gloves -- among other things -- in their bag.

However, golfers should always play golf with a well-fitting, well-constructed golf glove.

Here's when and how often a golfer should get a new golf glove.

When is it time to replace a golf glove and get a new one?

If a golfer is using a golf glove with holes in them, is too stiff or is fraying, then they're actually likely to play worse putting that golf glove on their hand than not using a glove at all. If your golf glove checks any of these boxes, it's time to get a new one.

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When golf gloves are kept in a golf bag for a long time, the leather tends to dry out and create dry rot. Suddenly, the leather gets stiff and it's harder for it to fit on a golfer's hand and maintain the fit along the curvature of the hand. Not only does this mean the glove fits poorly, but it can also break and tear suddenly, leaving a golfer without an alternative in the middle of a round.

If a golf glove has a hole in it, that glove is comprised, and the hole is likely the only get bigger. Take that glove out of play right away.

How often should a golfer get a new golf glove?

Even if a golfer does everything right and takes care of their golf gloves, they still have a limited shelf life. Oils in our hands, moisture in the air and around the golf course, as well as repeated stretching and usage will break down a glove. Eventually, it just won't be as effective.

Determining how often a golfer should get a new glove -- outside of an obvious issue like stiffening or tearing -- is up to a few factors: how often a golfer plays and how well they store their gloves. If a golfer plays often, they're more likely to need new gloves more often, perhaps every 20 rounds or so. If a golfer doesn't play as often, they may still need a new glove that often or more so given the amount of time passed between rounds.

If a golfer purchases a storage case for their gloves, though, where the glove can lay flat and stay protected from drying out, then the glove will last longer. It's a matter of deciding if you want to make an investment in storing gloves or simply purchasing new ones at somewhat regular intervals.

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