Why do golfers wear a golf glove on just one hand?

Why do golfers wear a golf glove on just one hand?


If you asked almost any golfer, they'll tell you that they wear a golf glove on one hand. For right-handed golfers, they predominantly wear a golf glove on their left hand. For left-handed golfers, they tend to wear their golf glove on the right hand.

But very few golfers wear golf gloves on both hands.

Why do golfers wear a golf glove on just one hand?

Golfers wear a glove on just one hand largely because it's become a tradition. Golfers teach other golfers to play golf wearing just one glove, and it just kind of propagates itself from generation to generation.

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However, there are also practical reasons why wearing one golf glove makes more sense than wearing two golf gloves.

Golfers tend to wear golf gloves on their non-dominant hand because that hand typically functions as a power foundation for the grip. For a right-handed golfer, the left hand doesn't do a whole lot moving in the swing other than helping the golfer to hang on as they load the swing onto the right side of their body and use the right hand on the club to manipulate the club through contact. The left hand is, more or less, hanging on for power and clearing the hitting zone, but that's critical to the swing.

Meanwhile, the right hand plays the role of feel and manipulation for the right-handed player. The right hand works together with the right wrist on timing and delivering the club on the proper pathway toward impact.

The opposite is true for a left-handed golfer with their right hand.

Also, the left hand (for a righty) has more contact directly with the golf club than the right hand, which partially lays on top of the left hand throughout the swing. Since less of the right hand is directly in contact with the grip, there's less need for a glove on that hand.

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