Should golfers own a pair of rain gloves? What benefits do they offer over regular gloves?

Should golfers own a pair of rain gloves? What benefits do they offer over regular gloves?


Almost every golfer has found themselves on the golf course when it has started to rain. All of a sudden, the mood changes. It's not as much fun playing in the rain, but golfers do it all the time.

However, with a change in weather comes a change in conditions. That means golfers who play in the rain have to be prepared to play as best as possible in deteriorating weather conditions. Part of that preparation includes owning a pair of rain gloves for golf.

What are rain gloves for golf?

Rain gloves for golf are a specific type of glove that is different from the standard golf gloves most golfers use when they play golf. First, rain gloves come in pairs, and most golfers tend to wear them in pairs. After all, rain is going to get on both of your hands, and that could make it more difficult to hold onto the golf club with either hand.

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Rain gloves are constructed from different materials compared to regular golf gloves, whether they're made of leather or synthetic materials. Rain gloves typically have some kind of microsuede on the palm. This microsuede material not only absorbs water better from the grip and the sky, but it actually performs better the more moisture there is on it. These gloves like to get wet. Meanwhile, the part of the glove on the top of the hand typically features a lightweight, mesh knit-style material that is quick to dry.

What are the benfits of rain gloves?

For a golfer, rain gloves are ideal for playing in the rain. They handle moisture well, meaning a golfer is less likely to have to wipe off their grips in between and before shots. They'll be able to grip the club better with both hands and make confident swings. The gloves also dry quicker than standard golf gloves and store better, meaning using rain gloves won't damage your regular gloves and will dry quickly so little damage is done to them when used.

Should golfers own a pair of rain gloves?

There are plenty of golfers who refuse to play in the rain. For those golfers, they don't need rain gloves. However, if you're a traveling golfer or a competitive golfer, having rain gloves in the bag is a must. You will use them sparingly, yes, but you'll be thrilled to have them when the downpour starts.

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