Where is the best place to store golf gloves in between rounds?

Where is the best place to store golf gloves in between rounds?


If you look in any golfer's golf bag, you're bound to find at least one golf glove. You'll probably find several, including some old gloves that are worn, frayed, ripped or too stiff to use anymore.

As it turns out, storing golf gloves in your golf bag is not the best place to keep them -- especially if you put them in the bag all folded up after using them for hours on the golf course.

So where is the best place to store golf gloves when you're not using them?

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Where is the best place to store golf gloves in between rounds?

If you want to extend the life of your golf gloves and get more out of them, keeping them folded up in a pocket in your golf bag is a bad idea. Golf bags get rained on, and the moisture can creep into the materials of the bag and then get that moisture on your gloves, ruining them over time. The bag also doesn't allow a glove to dry properly, including letting sweat evaporate out of the glove.

Golf bags also aren't designed to store golf gloves flat, which helps in preserving their shape for longer.

At a minimum, golfers should take their gloves out of their bag after a round and lie them flat somewhere. This will allow them to dry properly, prevent moisture from accidentally getting on them from outside conditions and keep them fresh for longer.

Of course, golfers don't really want to take their glove out of their bag, bring it inside, find a place to store it and then remember to bring it back when they play golf next time. That's why there are golf glove cases. These are the ideal solution if you want to extend the life of your gloves. These cases hold multiple gloves, are zippered up and allow gloves to stay dry and flat. These cases fit conveniently in the pockets of golf bags and help keep you organized as well.

If you're fine with having to purchase new golf gloves more often -- typically in surprising fashion when you realize your old glove is toast -- then you don't need the case. But if you want to preserve the life of what you've purchased, taking care of your golf gloves is a must.

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