How the Titleist AVX golf ball got its name and why it's called that

How the Titleist AVX golf ball got its name and why it’s called that

A picture of a box of Titleist AVX golf balls from 2018

The Titleist AVX is one of the newer golf balls in the Titleist lineup. The solid-core ball is a ball all to itself, separate from the Titleist AVX and AVXx, with engineers designing the ball to fly lower than the higher-launching flagship balls.

Most golfers that play a Titleist AVX -- or any other golf ball, for that matter -- don't know why their golf ball has that name. They may even only know that it exists. But we're here to share why the Titleist AVX is called that and how the ball got its name.

How the Titleist AVX golf ball got its name

The Titleist AVX was made in 2018 as an alternative tour-caliber ball that had slightly different performance characteristics than the Pro V1 or Pro V1x. The intention was to create a high-end ball that would fly a little lower.

The AVX ball has a lower compression than the Pro V1 or Pro V1x but is firmer than other softer, lower-compression balls in the market. It has a different cover formulation as well, which makes the ball feel softer at impact without hurting greenside performance too much.

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A picture of a box of Titleist AVX golf balls from 2022

The Pro V1 was the Titleist Professional with a Veneer, and it was Version 1 of the ball. That's how it got its name, and then Titleist introduced the Pro V1x to offer different performance characteristics compared to the original.

Titleist used to market Pro V1 to golfers by asking if they're a V (Pro V1) or an X (Pro V1x) player. The Titleist AVX is an alternative to the Pro V1 (V) and the Pro V1x (X). So, the AVX is the Titleist Alternative to V and X.

Every two years, Titleist introduces a new AVX formula for the AVX. Over the years, the differences between the AVX and the two Pro V1 models has changed, but their names haven't. Given how well the Pro V1s sell, the AVXs will almost certainly always go by that name.

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