Sun Mountain uses 37.5 Technology insulation to deliver warm, lightweight vests
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Sun Mountain uses 37.5 Technology insulation to deliver warm, lightweight vests

Colter II Vest

As I've gotten older, I've gone from loving the warmer months and wearing summer clothes to feeling like spring and fall are the best seasons. And there are few things I love more than playing golf on a cool day. The ball might not fly as far when it's cooler, but the walk is more pleasant, and it's just a better time.

Playing cool-weather golf means having the right clothes to fully enjoy the walk. While hoodies and quarter-zips are a sizable part of my closet, I love a good golf vest.

The best kind of golf vest is fashionable and versatile. That means it looks good, and it keeps you warm enough either by itself or paired with the right shirt. The best golf vest isn't bulky, and it doesn't encumber your swing, but it has the right amount of insulation to keep your core warm throughout the round.

With their latest Colter 2 vest, Sun Mountain Sports has nailed that combination.

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The Colter 2 is available in five colorways (I was provided with a vest in Pacific, which is a nice blue color) and retails for $120, a very reasonable price point for a performance product. There are panels on the front and back that are filled with the 37.5 Technology insulation, while the side panels have a four-way stretch material to keep the vest moving with the player as they swing and walk and play golf. While the vest is not reversible, it does have a camo-style print on the inside to offer some contrast.

On the front of the vest are two zippered hand-warming pockets, along with a middle-upper chest pocket on the outside, as well as another on the inside. There's plenty of storage there for a round of golf, though I have to admit I very rarely use chest pockets on any jacket or vest. The zippers are of high quality and work smoothly. There's a chin guard so you don't accidentally zip yourself, and the back collar reaches up high enough to offer some additional breeze protection.

What really makes this vest is the insulation. It does a great job holding in heat without being heavy. It feels like the vest is barely there, but there's plenty of warmth locked into it. If it gets too warm, I can take off the vest and easily pack it into my golf bag in a very small space, and it comes back out looking great. If I'm wearing it around on a weekend errand run or a hike or to a brewery, it looks great and fits in with my regular-life wardrobe. It's not quilted in appearance, so it has some additional versatility in terms of the looks with which it pairs well.

The cut is modern but still plenty of room in terms of sizing, meaning you can order this in your normal light-jacket size and be happy with how it fits. There's enough room built in for layering, but you won't swim in it, even in the stomach region.

I've had a few lightweight (but warm) vests in my closet over the years, and they're such a great piece for any golfer. Sun Mountain's Colter 2 is a great option you should consider now, well before you need a vest come fall.

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